Yoni Steaming - The Ancient Woman’s Ritual

Have you always wondered what Yoni Steaming or V Steaming was? You’re about to find out. The Yoni Steam dates back thousands of years and is seen in many different indigenous cultures including African, Mayan, Greek, Native American, Cook Islands, Filipino, Japanese and many more. Yoni steaming (also known as Chai-yok, Bajos, Vaginal Steaming) has been used as a ritual to honor and connect with feminine energy. Yoni steams can be utilized to restore balance and clear away stagnation in the female reproductive system. Yoni steaming is a very gentle practice involving boiling a blend of carefully chosen herbs in water from which the steam carries plant constituents to the body. The word Yoni in Sanskrit means “sacred temple” or pathway. 

As women there are many physical challenges that can be eased with yoni steaming such as menstrual cramps, infertility, excessive flow, general fatigue, vaginal dryness, menopausal symptoms and vaginal laxity. Vaginal steaming is used to bring balance back to the female system and ease these issues. The herbs chosen each have a specific purpose in providing this balance. Red raspberry leaf is toning to the reproductive system, Rosemary is antiseptic and helps to clear away bacterial imbalances. Yarrow - eases bleeding and encourages repair of tissues. Motherwort is tonifying, cleansing, eases cramping, and has been shown to help ease uterine fibroids. Rose Petals - Relaxing and uplifting, rose petals are a gentle astringent for the genital tissue. Calendula - is a wonderful herb that eases inflammation, encourages tissue healing and soothes irritated tissues. Lavender - as we all know is a very relaxing and soothing herb. It provides these same properties to the tissues. This blend of herbs creates the perfect blend for your Yoni Steam.

How do I steam? The steam can be performed with a specially made seat or by setting two chairs next to each other as pictured below. The pot of boiled herbs is placed under the chair or on the ground in between the two chairs. Take the lid off of the pot to release the steam and assess if it is an appropriate temperature to sit above or if it needs to cool. At this point, sit over the herbal steam, wrap yourself in blankets, and allow your body to take in the benefits of the herbs. Yoni steaming is about women taking back ownership of our maintenance of health and using our intuition as well as knowledge of herbs to support and soothe the body.

Preparing the Yoni Steam BlendAdding herbs to boiling waterChair Set Up

Other physical benefits you may experience with Yoni Steaming

  • Reduction in pain, bloating and exhaustion
  • Decrease of heavy menstrual flow
  • Regulation of irregular or absent menstruation
  • Soothes irritated tissue
  • Help to restore balance to the tissue
  • Aide in the body’s detoxification process in the reproductive system
  • May help tighten the vaginal canal
  • Soothing to dry tissue
  • Release emotions of tension and anxiety

Try Yoni Steaming and understand why women of many different cultures have been performing this practice for ages!

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This information is for educational purposes only. Every body is different and herbalists are not allowed to make medical claims in the US.