Safe and Non Toxic Skincare

Many skincare products out there are full of ingredients we don't recognize and cannot even pronounce. This issue was one of the driving forces that created Holistica Botanicals! Some of the ingredients we are exposed to are toxins, affect our hormones and have many documented adverse effects. One product in particular that I always had issues with was makeup remover. I'm sure you can all relate, those wipes that ended in burning of the face or weird tingling sensations that just weren't right. I finally became fed up with it and created my own Makeup Remover! All organic and natural ingredients that easily remove makeup and leave your skin soft and moisturized rather than red and irritated! This alone was great, but then my husband started using it to remove his zinc sunscreen after surfing. And to our delight this product removed his sunscreen with ease and therefore prevented breakouts he had been getting from clogged pores! This discovery led to the re labeling of my makeup remover as "Cleansing Balm". My cleansing balm is great for ladies and men alike made with only ingredients you can pronounce! The balm is blended with a very light concentration of essential oils to avoid irritation and organic oils and waxes. 

Katie Carter