New Mom Self Care

This year has been a doozy for all of us, but imagine being a new mom during this pandemic! Some of you don't have to're living it! Holistica Botanicals considers self care acts that you take to nurture and support yourself. When your body goes through the ultimate transformation of pregnancy to childbirth that is more important than ever! Herbs and aromatherapy have incredible abilities to support our bodies in many ways and we take care of choosing ones that are safe for you.

First off there's tea. Drinking tea at its very core is a wonderful calming routine. The act of sipping a warm tea alone is supportive, then combine it with supportive herbs and you've got a total win! Red Raspberry Leaf is one herb that is a woman's best friend. It supports and tones the uterus which aides in preparing for labor as well as recovering after the fact. This herb is sprinkled throughout our Mom and Baby line including our Pregnancy Tea and Postpartum tea.

Then there's the hormones and emotions that go with it. Aromatherapy is your best friend! Our Calming Mist and Uplift Mist are perfect for this. During pregnancy the Calming Mist helps to keep you grounded and calm, settling in and smoothing over moods. After delivery when hormones are shifting like crazy the Uplift Mist is the choice! These essential oils help to elevate the mood and balance out shifting emotions. We cannot forget about this! Emotional health is at the core of physical health, so take a minute every day to breathe deep and take in the aromatherapy.

Then there's the physical healing. Lady parts experience some serious events during delivery. Even if there is a Cesarean Section there is usually some laboring, or at the very least pressure from the baby sitting low. This causes inflammation and tearing with vaginal deliveries. Our Herbal Sitz Blend is directed towards supporting healing in these delicate parts so that you can move forward with motherhood. Breastfeeding is sometimes the next hurdle, if you choose to breastfeed. Our Nipple Balm is a nourishing balm to soothe irritated and cracked nipples and it's safe for the baby! This is a must have for day to day use for any breastfeeding mom! Not to mention our More Milk Tea which supports milk production and provides lots of nutrients and minerals that are needed.

As you can see, drink all of the tea! Don't forget about our amazing organic products to support yourself in the new journey of motherhood, or to gift to the new mom as a baby shower gift or any time! Our postpartum gift set is all packaged in a pretty gift box ready to be sent straight to the giftee!