Organic Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Organic Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi
Country of Origin: South Africa
Plant Part: Rind
Distillation Method: Cold Pressed
Cultivation: Certified Organic
100% pure, cold-pressed Grapefruit essential oils. These are wonderful, potent, highly-therapeutic oils. They come to us freshly-pressed from a wonderful distiller in South Africa who focuses on truly therapeutic, quality oils.

About the plant

Thought to be a hybridization of sweet orange and pomelo, the Grapefruit tree stands at a maximum height of 10 meters or 32 feet. Along with the orange, the pomelo was brought to Spain from Asia by Arabian traders in the 12th century. It was then brought to the West Indies by Captain Shaddock in the 18th century and from there it made its way to the Americas and was soon hybridized into the Grapefruit. 

About the oil

Both oils are carefully harvested and cold pressed from the rinds of the fruit. In both the beautiful, gem-like orange-sapphire of the organically grown pink or the darker orange-red of the Certified Organic, the cold-press method gently extracts the sweet and fragrant oil without changing its molecular composition. To retain optimal freshness, Grapefruit essential oil should always be kept cold.

Aromatherapy Notes

Both the pink and the red grapefruit essential oils have a sweet citrus top note followed by a floral, musty middle note and green, herbaceous undertones with the red being both darker in color and slightly deeper in the middle. 

Traditional Uses

The essential oil of grapefruit has been used for its nutritional (vitamin C) and anti-infectious properties for centuries. Grapefruit is used extensively to flavor soft drinks. It is a popular component of soaps and personal care products.

Therapeutic Properties Described In The Aromatherapy Literature (For educational Purposes only)

Anti-infectious, Antiseptic, Antitoxic, Astringent, Carminative, Choleretic, Depurative, Decongestant (lymphatic), Diuretic, Stimulant (digestive), Stomachic.

In Chinese medicine, Grapefruit is cooling, decongesting, and beneficial for an overheated liver and sluggish lymphatic system. Symptoms associated with an overheated liver include constipation, nausea, absominal distension and constipation


  • Considered uplifting and reviving for the mind and emotional state
  • Assists in cases of depression where one may tend to overindulge in food or chemicals to pacify their pain
  • Clears the psychological 'heat' and congestion that result from self-criticism and blame, promoting a lightness of spirit
  • Cheering, slightly euphoria-inducing and slightly energizing
  • Has an aromatic that aids in releasing pent up energy and emotions


  • Like essential oil of Lemon, it is cooling, cleansing, and a powerful decongestant
  • Beneficial for an overheated liver and sluggish lymph system

Appetite & Metabolism

  • The aroma is a powerful appetite suppressant
  • Well noted for use in reducing cellulite
  • Shown in laboratory studies to increase the metabolism of adipose tissue (fat cells, and specifically 'brown' fat cells)


  • Useful for cleansing oily skin and helping with acne due to its astringent nature


Grapefruit essential oil is generally non-toxic, a non-irritant and non-sensitizing, however, as with other citrus oils, it can make skin photosensitive; exposure to sunlight should be limited for 24 hours.

Overall Profile
Monoterpenes 100%
Primary Constituents
limonene 98.08%
beta myrcene 1.47%
alpha pinene 0.44%
GCMS Tested